The Kadence Advanced Image Block, part of the Kadence Blocks plugin, is one of my favorite Kadence tools. This block offers a broad range of settings and options and gives you a lot more control over your images than the standard Gutenberg image block. By capitalizing on the sophisticated features provided by Kadence Blocks, you can adjust the image size, apply fixed ratios, and even utilize dynamic images if you are using Kadence Blocks Pro.

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The editor interface of the Kadence Advanced Image Block is designed for ease of use. Whether you're aiming to colorize captions, select new fonts, or customize settings across devices, the block's flexibility caters to both beginners and advanced users. Functionalities such as image filters, including greyscale, sepia, or saturation, among others, can significantly transform the visual impact of your images.

The Advanced Image Block is responsive, ensuring your images look great on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. This responsiveness extends to caption customization, allowing you to maintain visual consistency across all user interfaces. With Kadence Blocks, your WordPress editing experience becomes more powerful and your site more engaging, all with just a few clicks.

Getting Started with Kadence Advanced Image Block

The Kadence Advanced Image Block enhances your WordPress site’s visuals by providing extensive image-styling options.

Installation and Activation

To begin using the Kadence Advanced Image Block, you need to install the Kadence Blocks plugin. Access your WordPress dashboard, navigate to “Plugins”, and click on “Add New”. In the search field, type “Kadence Blocks”. Find it in the list and click “Install Now”, then activate the plugin.

Once activated, Kadence Blocks will seamlessly integrate with the Gutenberg block editor. You’ll notice a new category added to the block editor named ‘Kadence Blocks', which is where you'll find the Advanced Image Block ready to use.

Exploring the Kadence Interface

With the plugin installed, it's time to explore the Kadence interface within the block editor. Add a new block by clicking the “+” icon in the editor, and search for “Advanced Image”. Once you add the block to your page, you’ll see various settings on the right panel.

Use these settings to:

  • Adjust the image size
  • Set aspect ratios
  • Control max image width

Moreover, additional features such as image filters, overlays, and masks are also available to enhance your images creatively. Don’t forget to take advantage of dynamic image settings if you have the Kadence Blocks Pro version for a more interactive experience.

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Working with the Advanced Image Block

The Advanced Image Block by Kadence provides you with extensive control over how you display images within your content.

Adding Images to Your Content

To insert an image using the Kadence Advanced Image Block, simply select the block from your editor and upload your desired content. The drag-and-drop feature or the traditional upload method allows easy addition of images to your posts or pages. Ensure your image file is optimized for web use to maintain page loading speed.

Using the Fixed Ratio Setting

One of these images is in landscape mode, and the other one is portrait mode
By using a fixed ratio of landscape 4:3, they will now be the same height

Basic Block Settings and Options

After adding an image, you can explore basic block settings such as changing the image, selecting from available file sizes, and adding alternative text and title attributes. More intricate settings allow for the use of fixed ratios, enabling dynamic images (with Kadence Blocks Pro), and applying overlay effects directly within the block editor, enhancing content visibility and interaction.

Image Sizing and Alignment

Effective sizing and alignment are crucial for a polished look. Kadence's Advanced Image Block allows you to set the maximum width of your images, ensuring they fit seamlessly within your content's layout. Align your images left, right, center, or wide with precision, and use the provided handles to adjust their dimensions manually, giving you full control over their display on your page.

Enhancing Images with Advanced Features

The Kadence Advanced Image Block provides robust options that allow you to add sophisticated design elements to your images. By leveraging these tools, you can transform your visuals from ordinary to impressive with just a few clicks.

This image uses the Image Filter and Overlay settings. I used a grayscale filter and a blue overlay and set the opacity to 24%. This is a great tool for branding your images to fit your site design.

Applying Image Filters and Masks

To give your images a unique look, you can apply image filters that adjust the color and tone directly within the block settings. Examples include grayscale, sepia, or contrast enhancements. For an artful touch, choose from several masks that neatly overlay your images' edges, adding a distinct shape or pattern that complements your design.

You can add captions to your images (like this one!) and style the color, size, font family and more.

Custom Captions and Typography

You have full control over the presentation of your image captions with caption settings. Adjust your font size, line height, and select from a variety of font families to match your site's typography. Emphasize the importance of your captions with bold or italic styles, ensuring your text fits the context and design of your content.

You can adjust the borders and the border radius as well as add box shadows

Using Borders and Shadows

Add a border around your image to make it stand out or to adhere to your site's style guide. Define the thickness and color of the border through simple settings. Additionally, applying shadows can elevate your image, creating depth and dimension. Control the shadow's blur, spread, and position to achieve the desired effect.

Layout and Design Customization

The Kadence Advanced Image Block allows for extensive layout and design customization, giving you control over padding, margins, and responsive settings to ensure your images look perfect on all devices.

Here I have added my image to a row layout with 2 columns. I can add a background color and adjust the padding around my image so that it lines up with the text area

Padding, Margins, and Responsive Control

Padding and margins are crucial for framing your images effectively. In the Kadence Advanced Image Block, you can set specific values for padding (space inside the border) and margin (space outside the border) around your images. You have the control to adjust these settings for different devices, ensuring your image's spacing appears consistent on desktop, tablet, and mobile screens. Here's how to customize these settings:

  • Padding: Click on the image block, and within the sidebar, you will find padding settings. Enter values for top, right, bottom, and left padding.
  • Margins: Right below the padding options, adjust the margins in the same manner.
  • Responsive Control: Use the responsive controls to set different padding and margins for various screen sizes. Toggle between desktop, tablet, and mobile icons to customize for each device.

GridLayout and Row Layout Optimization

Effective use of the GridLayout and Row Layout Block is essential for a polished design. The Kadence Advanced Image Block seamlessly integrates with grid systems, providing a robust framework for organizing images into a responsive and visually appealing layout. Here are the steps for optimizing your layout:

black pug with gray knit scarf
Grayscale filter with overlay
black pug with gray knit scarf
Saturation filter
black pug with gray knit scarf
Mask with blob shape
black pug with gray knit scarf
Grayscale filter
  • GridLayout: To create a grid, add a Row Layout Block and choose the number of columns. Then, insert the Advanced Image Block into each column.
  • Row Layout: Adjust the alignment and the column gap directly in the Row Layout Block settings to ensure consistency and harmony within your grid arrangement.

Utilize these tools to create a tailored and sophisticated design presentation that responds effectively across all platforms.

Advanced Block Interactivity

When utilizing the Kadence Advanced Image Block, interactivity features such as linking options and dynamic content are essential for engaging user experience.

You can turn an image into a link

Linking and Navigation Features

Your Kadence Advanced Image Block supports various link settings which enhance navigation throughout your site. You can:

  • Assign a custom URL to your image, allowing viewers to be directed to a relevant page or external site.
  • Set link targets, choosing whether the link opens in the same window or a new tab.

To implement link settings:

  1. Select your image block.
  2. In the block's toolbar, click the link icon.
  3. Enter the desired URL and configure the link target.

Remember, proper navigation is key to keeping your visitors engaged.

Performance Optimization and Best Practices

When utilizing the Kadence Advanced Image Block, prioritize performance to ensure your website remains fast and efficient. Follow these best practices:

  • Select the appropriate image file size, opting for larger resolutions only when necessary.
  • Utilize the fixed ratio feature to maintain aspect ratio without sacrificing load time.
  • Implement lazy loading to delay loading off-screen images until they're needed.

Advanced Use Cases and Extensions

Exploring advanced applications of the Kadence Advanced Image Block elevates your web design capabilities. Leveraging Pro features and integrations with WooCommerce, discover how to maximise the value of your Kadence experience.

Kadence Pro Features and Extensions

When you upgrade to Kadence Blocks Pro, you unlock a suite of enhanced functionalities designed to refine your website's aesthetic and functionality. Dynamic content allows you to fetch images directly from posts or pages and dynamically insert them into your layouts. You can make your images more interactive by adding custom overlays with text or buttons. With the Kadence Bundle, gain access to premium plugins that extend the capabilities of your image block, like advanced hover effects and custom styles applied globally.

  • Hover Effects: Craft engaging visual transitions on image hover.
  • Global Styles: Maintain consistent image styling across your entire site.

Integrating WooCommerce with Kadence

Integrating WooCommerce into your site with Kadence becomes seamless, especially with the Kadence WooCommerce Extension. Define product images with precision using the Advanced Image Block, ensuring your listings look sharp and enticing. The extension allows for better theme integration, giving your product pages a customized feel without writing any code.

  • Product Galleries: Enhance your product displays with rich galleries.
  • Custom Layouts: Create unique layouts for product pages to showcase your items impressively.

Enhancing User Engagement

Engaged users are more likely to interact with your content and visit your site repeatedly. Kadence Blocks Pro offers features that can enrich the user experience through visual engagement.

  • Animate on Scroll (Kadence Blocks Pro feature): Capture the attention of your users by animating images as they scroll. Options include fading, flipping, sliding, and zooming.
  • Enable Lightbox feature on images when users click on them to view in a full-screen overlay, focusing their full attention on the visual content.

These interactive elements can significantly improve the engagement level of your visitors, creating a more memorable and positive user experience.

Accessibility and User Experience

Incorporating the Kadence Advanced Image Block enhances the accessibility and user experience of your WordPress site, ensuring content is engaging and accessible to a wider audience.

Ensuring Readability and Accessibility

Your website's accessibility is necessary to reach a diverse audience. By optimizing images with the Kadence Advanced Image Block, you can make your content more accessible to visitors, including those with disabilities.

  • Ensure all images include alternate text that describes the visual content, providing a textual alternative for screen readers.
  • Select appropriate file sizes with the Image settings tab to maintain quick load times, directly impacting user experience by catering to those with slower internet connections.
  • Utilize a fixed ratio for images to maintain a consistent look across different screen sizes, enhancing readability.
  • Adjust images using the mobile tab to be sure that all images look good on mobile.

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