You don't have to be a developer to make money with WordPress. With a few key skills, you can create a site that sells products, you can redesign and sell a site, or you can offer your skills to companies that don't have time to maintain their sites.

make money with WordPress

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How do I get started?

Take courses

Check out my free course, “How to Make My WordPress Site Mobile Friendly and Accessible“. You'll learn to inspect an existing website and solve responsiveness and accessibility issues.

Join Facebook groups to get help with setting up a site and tips for fixing any issues you may come up against.

Want to learn more about WordPress? Join my Facebook Group!

Take Blogging Foundations which is a comprehensive free course that will guide you through the correct way to set up a blog.

Where can you make money with WordPress?

Virtual Assistants

Adding WordPress to your list of skills can open up a whole new field of potential clients. Many clients will hire VA's to do repetitive tasks such as scheduling blog posts, updating plugins, and posting to social media. This can bring in monthly recurring revenue.

Grab this freebie from Lynn Wiltse, How to be a Virtual Assistant.


Bloggers who are busy building their blogs often hire people with WordPress skills to find images and add them to their posts, schedule posts, update their branding, and even write content for them. Learn how to create images for bloggers with Pam Allen's Canva Clubhouse Group.

You can also become a blogger yourself and monetize your WordPress site. The Passive Income Pathways Pips Lite Membership is a great place to start.

Content creators

Create content for bloggers (or for your own blog) with the help of Koala, an AI app that can outline a blog post quickly and accurately. Just be sure to edit the post for accuracy and add your brand voice.

Niche website flippers

Niche website flippers buy sites and redesign and update them to get them ready for resale. You can offer your services to flippers, or you can become a flipper yourself!

Check out Natasha Vales Thompson's Niche Site Jumpstart group!

E-commerce store owners

Many brick and mortar store owners started selling online during the pandemic and are always looking for help to maintain their sites, add products, and post to social media.

Digital product creators

If you are selling on an online marketplace like Etsy, you should also have your products on your own website. Etsy owns your presence on their site and can ban you; your self-hosted WordPress site is owned by you. You can use plugins like Easy Digital Downloads to offer your products and make money with WordPress. They offer paid plans, but the free version works great for small stores.

Check out Beth Ann Averill's Group on creating digital products in PowerPoint.


Coaches, like bloggers, are busy doing their jobs, and they often don't have time to maintain their sites. However, they understand that their site is crucial to their businesses and can't afford to have a bad user experience or downtime. They often hire people to maintain their sites.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money with your website. Join PIPS Lite to take the Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers course to start promoting affiliates in a non-spammy way!

15 ways to make money with WordPress

  • Website Setup and Installation:
  • Content Management:
    • Writing and publishing blog posts.
    • Formatting and optimizing content for SEO.
    • Managing and scheduling content updates.
  • Theme Customization:
    • Customizing themes to match the brand's look and feel.
    • Adjusting colors, fonts, and layout settings.
    • Adding or modifying widgets and sidebars.
  • Plugin Management:
  • SEO Optimization:
  • Graphics and Media:
    • Creating and editing images for blog posts and pages.
    • Designing graphics for social media sharing.
    • Adding and optimizing multimedia elements on the site.
  • E-commerce Support:
    • Setting up and managing online stores using WooCommerce or other e-commerce plugins.
    • Adding and categorizing products.
    • Managing orders and inventory.
  • Website Maintenance:
    • Regularly updating WordPress core, themes, and plugins.
    • Monitoring site performance and resolving issues.
    • Implementing backups and security measures.
  • Site Migration:
    • Moving a website from one hosting provider to another.
    • Ensuring that all content and functionality are transferred smoothly.
  • Technical Troubleshooting:
    • Diagnosing and fixing common WordPress errors.
    • Resolving issues related to broken links, images, or layout problems.
  • Data Entry and Management:
    • Updating and managing website content, including pages, menus, and categories.
    • Inputting data for events, appointments, or listings.
  • Training and Support:
    • Providing basic WordPress training to clients.
    • Offering technical support via email or chat.
  • Performance Optimization:
    • Improving site speed and performance.
    • Optimizing images and database to enhance loading times.
  • Social Media Integration:
    • Integrating social media feeds and sharing buttons.
    • Auto-sharing new content on social media platforms.
  • Analytics and Reporting:
    • Setting up Google Analytics or other tracking tools.
    • Providing regular reports on website traffic and performance.

Tailoring your services to your clients' needs and offering a combination of these tasks can make you a valuable resource for anyone seeking WordPress assistance. Hone your skills so that you can start to make money with WordPress!

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